“Ginnifer Goodwin and I kind of stopped and thought, we are now filming one of the most iconic scenes in fairy-tale history — Snow White woken up by Prince Charming. We were way out in the middle of the woods, in Golden Ears. It was cold and raining. We showed up at the set, and it was beautiful. There was this glass coffin, and the Seven Dwarves were surrounded by (movie) snow — and then it started to snow. For real. Actual, real snow. I don’t know — we thought there was some kind of divine intervention going on.   We thought, this is special, this is a real moment.”  —— Josh Dallas


Dear Killian, why the fuck are you even wearing that shirt?

[accidentally cares more about tv shows and fictional characters than education and academic success]


let’s play “how many times can my OTP look at each other like that without kissing until I throw a chair at my TV”


"And I guess you have a bit of a romance going on with Captain Hook?"

Next week on Once Upon A Time, probably:


*knock* *knock* *knock* *knock* *knock*
Emma: Do you want to share some kisses?
Emma: Come on, let’s go have sex!
Emma: I never see you anymore
Emma: Come out the door
Emma: It’s like you’ve gone away!
Emma: You used to say you loved me
Emma: And now you don’t
Emma: I wish you would tell me why!
Emma: Do you want to share some kisses?
Emma: *whispers* It doesn’t have to be just kisses
Killian: Go away, Emma!
Emma: Okay, bye.


"Two pigeons had sex on my shoulder yesterday!"


Killian saying he loves Emma:


Killian getting all protective of Emma’s family:


Killian not being able to kiss Emma:


Emma obviously wanting him around:


Killian at the end of The Jolly Roger watching Emma in the diner:


The fact that Emma is probably going to try to kiss him and he’ll tell her no:


My current emotional state about all things Captain Swan: